Roy Keane Weighs in on Daniel Levy's Role Amid Tottenham's Trophy Drought

26 March, 2024
by Church of edge

Roy Keane recently engaged in a discussion with Les Ferdinand and Ian Wright regarding Daniel Levy's role in Tottenham Hotspur's trophy drought, expressing his perplexity at the criticism directed towards the Spurs chairman.

While acknowledging Levy's divisive reputation, particularly among non-Tottenham fans, Keane recognized the success Spurs have achieved under his stewardship since his arrival in 2001. Despite the club's notable highs and the acclaimed infrastructure of their stadium, there's a prevalent sentiment among supporters that Tottenham have not fully capitalized on their on-field progress.

The absence of major silverware since 2008 has led to scrutiny, especially amidst near-misses in domestic and European competitions. Legendary managers like Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte have been at the helm, prompting some to point fingers at Levy for the perceived shortcomings.

When discussing why Levy seemingly hesitates to spend during crucial moments, Ferdinand highlighted Levy's involvement in transfer dealings and suggested his penchant for such dealings might detract from focusing on the footballing aspects. However, Keane questioned the tendency to solely blame Levy, pointing out Tottenham's historical trend of plateauing even before his tenure.

While acknowledging Levy's adept management of the club as a business entity, Wright emphasized the fans' desire for on-field success. The frustration stems from Tottenham's apparent prioritization of business decisions over footballing ambitions, particularly evident during Mauricio Pochettino's tenure.

In essence, Tottenham's proximity to success has only accentuated the fans' frustrations, as everything seems aligned for a potential breakthrough. However, the lingering question remains whether Tottenham's ambition will match their potential on the pitch, a decision ultimately resting with Levy.